A good freelance writer brings two key talents to every job: the ability to illustrate the heart of any given story, and the skill to create copy that fits seamlessly into the client publication.

I write on many subjects, in many voices.

For The Economist, I have written essays on issues ranging from racist angst to Southern politics. I have covered hurricanes and polite children and life-and-death dilemmas for Time. I have written market analyses for Dow Jones News, stock-picking strategies for Forbes.com and a syndicated column about equities for YCharts. I have told tales of entrepreneurial seniors for The New York Times and described the struggles and successes of business owners in major features for The Wall Street Journal and Inc. magazine alike. I have turned incredibly arcane academic research on monetary policy and finance into journal articles read by business and policy leaders around the world.

This site is designed to provide a feel for the work I have done, and a sense of the variety of stories I can make possible.


Why Bernanke's Quantative Easing, Loathsome to Many, Actually Boosts the Stock Market
From YCharts, by Dee Gill

The Federal Reserve wasn't supposed to be the sole determiner of policies to end economic recession, but an impotent Congress pretty much ceded the job. With Congress barely able to order lunch without inciting gridlock, Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke has played an outsized role in deciding how to create jobs and growth in an economy with too little of either. And while many on Wall Street despise the bold and unconventional steps he's taken to right the ship, there are reasons that anyone who invests in stocks should be sorry to see him go. continue >>>

Selling Slow Boats to a Faster Crowd
From The New York Times, by Dee Gill

Almost since its introduction more than a century ago, the electric pleasure boat has been known as the golf cart of the sea, loved mainly by the oldest of the retiree set. With an old-fashioned canvas canopy and a top speed of about eight miles per hour, it is a notoriously unhip craft, holding little appeal among the sail-and-power crowd that has made recreational boating an $11 billion-a-year industry. But a two-year-old company owned by Learjet heiress Sanda Lear-Baylor. . . continue >>>

Mississippi Politics: . . . and the dog you came in with
From The Economist magazine, by Dee Gill

It is well known in Mississippi that the governor, Kirk Fordice, has a penchant for offensive bombast. This is the man who routinely calls the state attorney-general “Flashbulb” because of his media popularity, and who refers to the killing of inmates on death row as “reducing the inventory.” As for the media, that bastion of lying leftists has inspired numerous tirades from the governor over the past eight years. . . continue >>>


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