specialized freelance writer



I give voice to complex ideas.

In business and in science, excellence is easily obscured by the vocabulary of the vocation. Groundbreaking research and innovative products that excite experts in intellectual or analytical fields can come across as arcane, or simply irrelevant, to industry outsiders. Without an interpreter, even brilliant ideas can wallow in the obscurity of peer-to-peer reviews.

As a freelance writer, I bring broad audiences to scholarly, corporate, technical and scientific work.

I explain the complex ideas of investment managers, economists, mathematicians, entrepreneurs, medical researchers, policy wonks and other very smart people in ways that potential clients, investors and co-workers understand. My summaries, articles, white papers and blog posts connect the insular work of experts to the broader community of people and institutions that support their endeavors.

Extensive writing for major publications -- The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Economist, Inc., Time, Forbes.com and BusinessWeek, to name a few -- honed my skill for distilling technical information into material of broader interest. Ongoing work keeps me learning every day, including assignments from Chicago Booth School of Business, UCLA Anderson School of Management and various business, legal and medical enterprises.

I have written in many voices, on many topics, and I look forward to exploring many more.