specialized freelance writer


I help very smart people explain their work

to clients, investors and industry outsiders. 

Professionals in intellectual and analytical pursuits -- financial markets, academic studies, or certain types of medical research, for example -- often find that few beyond immediate peers understand their work. When these experts need to communicate with customers, investors or laymen, it’s my job to find the common language. My materials convey the relevance of technical subject matter with a level of sophistication appropriate to the target audience. A few examples:  

  • University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business uses my skills to distill technical academic research papers on economics, monetary policy and finance into entertaining articles for the Chicago Booth Review.  (Formerly called Capital Ideas.) The magazine and web publication are aimed at business and policy professionals worldwide whose expertise doesn’t necessarily line up with the subject at hand.

  • For UCLA Anderson School of Business, I write articles based on working papers and journal publications from its faculty for publication in UCLA Anderson Review. This research, produced by mathematicians, behavioral economists, social psychologists and other Anderson experts, becomes  accessible material for readers that include the general public, private business interests and potential out-of-field collaborators.  

  • Investment banks hire me to explain to customers and associates concepts such as defined contribution strategies and liquid alternative investments. The copy I create becomes website content and  marketing materials. Law firms hire me to write white papers or articles explaining the implications of new regulations in terms that their potential and current clients can appreciate. A large urban hospital enlisted my skills to popularize its very technical medical research findings. For a financial analytics company, I wrote dozens of articles on stocks and markets that helped show off the usefulness of its subscription charts.