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I understand

visionaries, wonks and leaders,

geeks, gurus and geniuses.

Chicago Booth and UCLA Anderson are home to world renowned economists who routinely publish research in journals aimed at other scarily intelligent economists. Their findings, as well as research by their colleagues in other fields, often have important implications in areas ranging from monetary policy to medical protocols. But for outsiders reading the journals, the significance can get lost in the dense data and language required of the format.  

It’s my job to take what these brilliant people write in technical detail and turn it into articles that lay people can enjoy.

Whether contracted by corporations or academics, my work often starts with specialized documents. Comparing any of my articles from Chicago Booth or UCLA Anderson to the primary source materials listed at the end of each illustrates how these dense papers can peak the interest of much wider audiences. (Apologies for ongoing construction on this page. Searching “Dee Gill” at either Chicago Booth Review or UCLA Anderson Review will pull up samples.)